Raspberry Pi hosting

To maximize the availability of services that are offered, and to supply all the power; we have developed the Raspberry Pi board with 16 USB ports. Input power is redundant, and each resource is connected to a separate backup power supply ( UPS ).

  • Who is the service for?

  • For anyone in the world running medium-duty applications.
  • Raspberry Pi can be used as a DNS server, mail server, web server, etc.
  • Details about how to use, see below
  • more about applications
  • What you get?

  • Free placement in a professional datacenter
  • Free power for your Raspberry Pi
  • Free 1GB on the NFS server for your backups
  • Free client section for managing domain names, hosting, DNS, e-mail, VPS, RPI, and more...
  • What are the service parameters?

  • 100Mbit backbone connectivity without the limit of transferred data
  • 1x IPv4 and IPv6 (/112) block of addresses included in the service
  • Double backup power of your Raspberry Pi
  • Free installation of the selected OS when buying a Raspberry Pi with us

  • The order is very simple!
  • In our data center you can place your own Raspberry Pi or
  • Raspberry Pi that you purchased at a great price from us.


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