Order your new Raspberry Pi model B today! You will get 32 GB memory card and preinstalled operating system in our configurator. Or send us your Raspberry Pi for a small fee. If you purchase the Raspberry Pi from us, you become the owner of Raspberry Pi. In the case of termination of services, we will send back your Raspberry Pi and only charge the cost of transport. Shipping price depends on the delivery destination.

If you decide to send a RPi to us, just create a new order. You will receive complete information (your new IP address, network configuration, post address for sending RPi) via email.

Test ping response from your location to the Raspberry Pi installed in our datacenter, IP address is For the testing can be used eg: http://ping.eu/ping/, or other online tools.

Supported devices

  • Raspberry Pi v2 (B),
  • Banana Pi,
  • Raspberry Pi (B+),
  • Raspberry Pi (B),
  • and other devices ...


Features and Specifications
Report type Mini PC
Processor series ARM
Processor model ARMv7
CPU Frequency 0.9 GHz (4*900 MHz)
Number of processor cores 4x
Memory Capacity 1024 MB RAM
Onboard storage SDHC 32GB Class 10
no limit data transfer 100Mb FDx wFUP
Pre-installed OS
by selection Raspbian, Pidora, Arch
Backup disc
NFS SAN Storage DELL MD3200i 1GB (absolutely free)
RPi 3 + case + 32GB MicroSD class 10  € 74 inc. VAT
Price colocation each year (you can send your own device) € 36 inc. VAT
Price colocation each year € 30 inc. VAT (per node in a supercomputer)
Delivery time less than 24 hours (currently within 30 minutes)


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