Banana Pi hosting (device)

We've just expanded our offer of the hosting for small-devices (like Raspberry Pi). Currently it's possible to host Banana Pi (the Raspberry Pi competitor). The conditions for hosting the Banana Pi are the same. You will get standard set of these services:

  • own IPv4 address,
  • own IPv6 address range (/112),
  • 100Mbit Full Duplex connectivity,
  • no FUP (unlimited bandwidth),
  • datacenter colocation (UPS, generator, cooling, optical fiber connectivity, ...).

What do you need to send your Banana Pi?

These conditions are the same as the Raspberri Pi hosting - you will have to send Banana Pi (of course), compatible plastic case and a memory card. We will connect your device to the redundant power supply and Internet connectivity. You should install your favorite OS (distribution). 

IP configuration

You will get your specific IPv4 and IPv6 configuration right after the order of the hosting is payed. We will send you an email with necessary information automatically. After that you should send your package to our postal address. We will send the shipping address by email too.

USB storage

Some of our customers prefere to increase the data storage of the device with their own USB stick (example). We don't care about the capacity of the stick, but it should be within compatible dimensions. 

Order you own Banana Pi hosting