You need at least two Raspberry Pi to operate a supercomputer: a parallel processing on Raspberry Pi is possible thanks to the ultra portable MPICH2 (Message Passing Interface).

For such involvement there must be only one public IP address. On the other Raspberry Pi there are only local addresses, so you can in this configuration to grant a discount -6 Euro per year for all the Raspberry Pi in the local process. This is good news for all who want to create a supercomputer. Thus, for each additional Raspberry Pi supercomputer you pay only 30€.


Do you need more power than RPi?

In the event that you send us your own Raspberry Pi, you save money on the installation of the system. In another case, however, we charge a small fee for installation. Basic installation of supercomputer system on Raspberry Pi is 9€ and each other Raspberry Pi in supercomputer is only 4€. This is a one time fee for the administrator. Another possibility is that your system is installed and set up on their own.

How to make supercomputer visit:

University of Southampton
Steps to make a Raspberry Pi Supercomputer
YouTube Southampton video