How easy it is to configure firewall with FERM

When you operate the Raspberry Pi website or other applications it is always good to have an overview of the communication network and seeded firewall. For those who are completely unfamiliar with iptables parameters will find it quite difficult to put into operation a decent firewall. Just for this purpose exists [FERM Firewall] (http://ferm.foo-projects.org/). It is a complex wrapper which greatly simplifies the syntax of writing rules. In this example we will demonstrate how the Ferm easily configures a fully functional firewall for your web server and ssh to Raspbianu.

Return policy

Returning the RPi at the end of contract is easy. We will send you your RPi to the destination, that you chose. Cost of the sending depends on shipping fees based on the destination. Of course, you can get your RPi for free in our datacentre.