Another order from Nuernberg in Germany

Another order from Germany, this time RaspberryPi 2  + 32GB MicroSD class 10 + ABSCase; CloudStorage 1 GB. We hope, that we will satisfy your needs :)

Feedback from customers:

Were you satisfied with the speed of service? ano Were you satisfied with the quality of service? ano Was your order executed without any problems? ano Would you recommend our service to your friend? ano připomínky: This is my fourth Raspi in colocation. Your service is the fastest, your admin area is the best. Congratulations! Although I have been to Prague three times, my Czech knowledge is not the best. To be honest, it does not exist :-( So I found that your pages, e.g. the admin page is not completely translated into English. On this feedback page a language selector is missing. As I got pictures of my other Raspis in colocation, I would like to kindly ask you to send me a picture of my Raspi in your colocation as well. Thanks in advance and best regards