Raspberry Man vs. Women

You can use your Raspbery (Pi) as you wish. From our experience, most our client are using it right way. Maybe because of most our clients are man :)

Currently, we've customers from many different countries: Russia, Latvia, Canada, Sweden, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Netherlands, Slovakia and many others.

Another RPi customer from new location

We've just installed new RPi with 32 GB memory card for a customer from Estonia. We hope, that he will be satisfied with a new service, as many others. There is still bigger demand for new RPi 2, even there were some orders for the old one.

And we've received anothere package of new RPis. It seems that the biggest heap after introducing RPI 2 is gone :)

Raspberry Pi 2

Raspberry Pi 2

With release of new Raspberry Pi 2 version we are expecting more RPi2 orders. New version has more CPU cores (4x 900 Mhz vs. 1x 700 Mhz) and has more RAM (1024 MB vs. 512 MB). So it could be used to more applications. It could be compared to some low performance VPS. Of course it is not based on Intel Xeon xxx :) 

The first Raspberry Pi 2 was for Canadian customer, second was for Belgian one. We have some RPi 2 in stock, and next package is on the way.