Another Raspberry Pi from United Kingdom

We are happy to se another RPi from United Kingdom, that has just arrived.

Email from customer:

Thank you so much for emailing me, i am so glad the wait is finally over.
The website works, ssh, ftp, nginx this is awesome!
Now i can learn to code i am really happy about this, i would like to thank you in advanced, you have a lovely day.
Sincerly Dan. :)
I am glad i chose best-hosting, kudos!

SynKnot v1.0

We've just released synchronization utility - SynKnot v1.0. It's an opensource tool for synchronizing DNS records between database (or other kind of storage) and DNS server with Knot DNS software. Usage is easy - just write an adapter to get data from the DNS storage and you are good to go. Find out more information about SynKnot utility.