On the Raspberry Pi you can easily run a webserver for your site. We have also tested open source software, Drupal and Wordpress, on Raspberry. Results show that this device works perfectly. This service will pay off especially in cases where you prefer commonly shared hosting, and want to be sure that your server only runs your applications. Plus, you can customize the server to your own exact needs, and install applications that otherwise would not be possible on hosting.

We recommend configuration for Apache 2 webserver and PHP-FPM or NGINX but the final decision is of course up to you. 

Did you know that on Raspberry Pi you can run load-balancing and maximize the availability of your website (High availability) ?


Do you need more power than RPi?

How does it work ?

To start using this system you need 2x Raspberry Pi for load-balancing with HAProxy (1x active, 1x passive) and at least 2x Raspberry Pi (or more) for your website.

However, this page cannot contain comprehensive information on how to configure the system or how the system works. It is not designed for it, and analysis of the client's needs is always needed.

If you are interested in more information or operation of this system, whether on Raspberry or any other system (VPS, ...), please do not hesitate to contact our technical support.


I had a little dream about integrating my university project which was traffic signs recognition with Raspberry Pi. I think it would be great to have something like this. But now i completely have no time for it...